Top apps for Jira and Confluence, designed to increase the agility and productivity of your team.

Great Gadgets for Jira

Great Gadgets is an app for Jira and Confluence that offers a comprehensive set of gadgets that allow you to build powerful dashboards in Jira and pages in Confluence for tracking your projects and releases in an easy and efficient way.

No matter what project methodology you use, traditional or agile, such as Scrum, Kanban, or agile-at-scale, this app has everything you need to track your projects efficiently: from burndown and burnup charts, to velocity and control charts, to cycle time and WIP charts, SLA, KPIs and more.

It is a perfect solution, not only for software projects, but also for operational, ITSM, service desk or customer support projects.

  • Team Wallboard Gadget
  • Sprint Burndown Burnup Chart
  • Release Burndown Burnup Chart with Forecast
  • Team Velocity Chart
  • Work Break-down Strcuture (WBS) Gadget
  • Issue Filter Formula Gadget
  • Advanced Issue Filter Formula Gadget
  • Kanban Velocity / Throughput Chart
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)
  • Cycle Time Trend Gadget
  • Control Chart Gadget
  • Lead Time Histogram Chart
  • WIP Aging Chart
  • WIP Run Chart
  • Countdown Gadget
  • Regional Clock Gadget
Documents for Jira

Documents for Jira is a document management system (DMS) designed for Jira users that enables seamless project-level file management and storage. A new tab called "Documents" is added to Jira projects where people can upload files and make them visible to other project members.

Users have the ability to upload files with metadata (like title, description or author), organize them into folders or link documents to Jira issues. Access and various actions on documents, such as editing, moving or deleting, can be controlled by permission settings. And very importantly, all data is stored in Jira.

Don't miss the opportunity to organize your project-related files by keeping them in one central and safe place: your Jira instance.

Key features:

  • Folder hierarchy
  • Documents in form of files with metadata (attributes like title, description or author)
  • Versions history, restore old versions
  • Document search (in metadata)
  • Configurable access permissions
  • Link documents to Jira issues
  • Lock / unlock document editing
  • Dashboard gadgets
  • Bulk documents upload
Project team for Jira

The project team displays the project members along with their roles in the newly added tab called "Project Team". It helps you know who is who and what they do in the project and also helps to integrate new team members faster and easier.

You can also extend Jira user profiles by adding custom user fields of different types to map user attributes such as Phone number, Department, or Skills.

With Project Team, you can also generate and display oragnizational charts on Jira dashboards.

  • Project Team tab for each Jira project showing the project team members
  • Extended Jira user profile page
  • User custom fields of type Text, Multi Line Text, User Picker and Multi-value
  • User custom fields displayed on Jira issue screen
  • JQL function for filtering issues by user custom fields (Data Center only)
  • Organizational Chart gadget
  • Team Members Info gadget