Make Jira your Document Management System with Documents app

In the day-by-day work most of us deal with documents. Either we talk about project requirements, work procedures, guidelines or simply photos & videos, the documents are part of our life. Storing and managing these documents in an effective and efficient way and making them easily accessible to the teammates is a key-success factor for any project team or organization.
Documents for Jira is an app for Atlassian Jira that was build for addressing the need of organizing project related files. The app lets you manage files on a project level and store them in your Jira instance. It adds an additional tab named “Documents” to the project dashboard where you can post files (Word, PDFs, pictures) related to that project making them available to your team members.
The “Documents” tab of the project displaying folders and documents
The documents are organized in folders and their access as well as main actions like edit, delete or move are all configurable via permissions settings. Each file listed on the page also has associated metadata: who posted it, the date it was last updated, file type, name, size and actions.
In addition to uploading files from local machines to the Jira server, you can simply save a file URL to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Box or an FTP server and record all the same metadata. The value of Documents for Jira is in keeping track of important project files in the context of a Jira project.
The app is simple and flexible and the work with documents is handy. You can link the documents to Jira issues or add reference to them in Jira issue fields or comments.
Link documents to Jira tasks and issues
The app keeps the track of all the changes allowing you to restore a previous version at any time. Activity Stream posting and email notifications keeps you and the others informed about the changes made. With the gadgets offered in the app you can extend your Jira dashboards to include relevant info about the project documents for more transparency.
Watching & email notifications
The files that you upload are stored in Jira, more exactly in a subfolder of the Jira attachments folder while the metadata is stored in Jira database. This means you get the benefit of file management in Jira without creating a backup and upgrade nightmare for your IT staff.
The app includes a bulk upload tool that was meant to simplify your initial setup and the migration process from your previous document management system. In addition, using the comprehensive REST API that it offers you can integrate Documents in your own applications & solutions.