Great Gadgets
for Jira

Great Gadgets offers a suite of dashboard gadgets for tracking agile projects (Scrum or Kanban) in an effective manner. It is also useful for traditional projects.
• Release Burnup / Burndown Chart Gadget (with forecast)
• Sprint Burnup / Burndown Chart Gadget
• Team Velocity Gadget
• Kanban Velocity Gadget
• Cycle Time Trend Gadget
• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Gadget
• Issue Filter Formula Gadget
• Countdown Gadget
• Regional Clock Gadget

for Jira

The Documents app lets you manage and store files in Jira on a project level.
It adds an additional tab named "Documents" to the project dashboard where you can post documents related to that project, making them available to other project members.
The files that you attach are stored in Jira, more exactly in a sub-folder of the Jira attachments folder, thus simplifying your administrative and backup procedures.
The access to the Documents tab and different operations on the posted documents are configurable via permissions settings.

Project Team
for Jira

Project Team is all about finding out who's who and doing what in your projects. By quickly displaying project members and their roles, new team members can integrate faster and easier.
The advanced configuration settings and fine grained permissions provide Jira administrators and project managers with the necessary tools for controlling what data about each team member are displayed.
Project Team also allows extending the profile of your team members via user custom fields. You can add simple text fields for mapping attributes like Phone Number or Messenger ID or multi-value picker fields for mapping attributes like Skills or Languages.