Great Gadgets offers a suite of gadgets that you can add to your JIRA dashboards to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your team.

Gadgets Offered

The current version of Great Gadgets includes the following gadgets.

BurnUp BurnDown Gadget - Displays BurnUp or BurnDown Chart for a selected Agile sprint, depending on how you configure it. Use this gadget to track the progress of your Agile team during the sprint.

Team Velocity Gadget - Calculates and displays the current average velocity of the Agile team along with the history of previous sprints. The team's velocity is an essential metric that helps the Agile teams not to over-commit during sprint planning meeting, but also helps them to see how they perform from a sprint to another.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Gadget - This gadget offers the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) diagram in form of Epic > Parent Tasks > Sub-Tasks for the issues from a JIRA filter. With this gadget you have the high-level status of your epics or the entire project.

Issue Filter Formula Gadget - Calculates and displays the result of a simple formula (like SUM, MAX or AVERAGE) on a numeric field of the issues from a specified JIRA issue filter. Use this gadget to sum-up and display the total remaining work or the work done in your project, for example.

Countdown Gadget - This gadget shows the remaining time until an upcoming event. Use this gadget to make your team aware of the remaining time until the next project launch or milestone, the Christmas Party or any other important event for your team or company.

Digital Clock Gadget - This gadget shows the current time in a specific location in a digital clock format. It is useful for companies with multiple offices across the world or geographically distributed teams. Use this gadget to make your team members know what the current time is in the other offices so they can better synchronize with the remote people.